What is the logic used to handle the order for univention & DNS/forwarder

Univention Configuration Registry

we have 3 settings

the UCS system uses these forwarders to resolve any DNS query it does not have an answer for.

Are they selected “round-robin”?
are do they switch the first time a resolver fails to return a valid address?

do they stay “switched” until the next bad query or do they reset back to the base one.


UCS uses bind. Behaviour for bind can be seen at this site. I am not able to explain better.
In short bind
-mostly asks the fastest forwarder
-queries the other one from time to time as well


so in one of your config white papers you show a central master server with 2 “slaves” at branch locations.
Noting of course this relates specifically to UCS.

so let’s say i have a master in Germany, but a branch office “slave” in Austria & let’s say Switzerland.

When a local client in Germany needs to access an external FQDN, it has the option of 3 presetable UCS variables to resolve external FQDN’s which are settable on the “master”

Do the “slave” sites take the external resolver from the master, or can you set a local external DNS closer to the branch offices.


a DNS-forwader is only asked for zones the local bind can not resolve itself.
The UCR variables are considered to be locally. So yes, every UCS server (no matter if master or slave or whatever it is called with UCS5) can be configured to use different forwarders.


ok… Excellent…