Webmin on UCS 3.1

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to install Webmin on UCS 3.1? I have tried to install it, but get “Segmentation fault” when trying to start it.

Is anyone able to provide some advice?

Thanks in Advance!


with UCS 3.1 nearly the whole debian repositories are built and available.
webmin is not part of the UCS (or debian) repository - did you build it for your machine?

I am not familiar with webmin, but the website says:

Do you know, that you also can achieve these goals with the builtin UMC? Are there special features that you are missing in UMC?

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I decided to install webmin as it is a common interface for some abstract, once off tasks that I generally perform across various distributions of Linux. I simply followed the guide on their website webmin.com/deb.html, but was required to add the debian repositories to install the dependencies (as listed). The process is simply not starting and I am trying to figure out why.

I have just moved from using Amahi and Zentyal and I really like Univention so far. I do find that the UMC is lacking compared to the likes of Zentyal or ClearOs, though it is very aesthetic to the eye, so that is a good foundation.

Are you able to advise if it is also safe adding the standard debian repository for adding programs?

Thanks again.


Thanks for your reply! Do you have some special features in mind, which you are missing in UMC? I’ll be happy to file your suggestions as feature requests in our bugtracker.

It is not recommended to do this. As nearly the whole debian repository is built for UCS and available via our repositories in most cases it is even not needed.
Are you aware of the unmaintained repository? You can activate it with the help of this UCR variable:

ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=yes

You should check if your needed packages are available there, before using other sources.

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen