Watched the videos - it all looked good ... still didn't work - setup IP address

As I installed UCS within virtual box on OS X I watched a video and step for step everything seemed to match the video tutorial. No error messages. However at the end UCS messaged a 10.0 network to bring up the admin interface (the bridged adapter is on a 192.1 network) - soooooo I’m bringing up nothing in my browser. I do have the command line interface available. How do I fix this setup … and … what happened / went wrong?

That sounds a bit like the ip of the nat interface in virtualbox. To reach the system from your host your either need:

  • to setup port forwarding for the interface (e.g. forward port 80 to port 80 in the VM)
  • switch the interface to host only (which would make it available only to your host)
  • switch the interface to bridged (which would make it available to your whole network

Hi: Thx for the quick reply. I figured it out by trial and error. I had the interface already set to bridged but it still wouldn’t work

However in OSX, and for the ethernet ifc VirtualBox was using, I toggled on Auto Proxy Discovery under the Proxies tab … and voila … it worked.

I had noticed a few others here searching for the same answer … posted this in the hope it helps.