Warnings and errors in server.log




I get the following messages in /var/log/kopano.server.log:

Mon May  6 23:23:03 2019: [warning] K-1244: Your database does not support storing 4-byte UTF-8! The content of some mails may be truncated. The DB should be upgraded with `kopano-dbadm usmp` and kopano-server be restarted.

do I just have to call “kopano-dbadm usmp”? Do the users have to get out of Kopano?

also this message:

Tue May  7 06:23:18 2019: [error  ] LDAP search error: Can't contact LDAP server. Will unbind, reconnect and retry.

with best


Hi @pixel,

this topic has been covered in more detail in the 8.7 release announcement (which can for example be found in the changelog https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_changelog/kc.html#kopano-core-8-7-0-final-8-7-0-0).

This has been covered quite some times already here on the forum. The ldap connection times out at some point and kopano-server will reestablish it afterwards. The message can be ignored.


thanks. read the docu and followed the steps. worked.