Von KDE auf Gnome wechseln


Auf meinem UCS - Server läuft derzeit KDE.
Ich möchte nun gerne auf Gnome wechseln.
Was muss ich hierfür alles wo und wie tun ???



we prefer English language here. Let me know if you are not capable of understanding it.

So you would like to switch from KDE to GNOME on your UCS server, right? You would like to know how to do.

Well, UCS is a server system, using as desktop is usually not a recommended thing (possible, though). To use it as a desktop we have the KDE app. There is no recommended or tested way to do so as you wish- because it is somehow “unsupported” and as far as I know no one else tried it.

If you really want to switch I guess you should uninstall the KDE app completely and use apt to install the packets for Gnome. Haven’t tried this, though. But as UCS is based on Debian you might have luck with the Debian DesktopEnvironment Project. Have a look at it. Read and try to configured as described there.

Good luck!