VMware Appliance starts but no setup

Greetings all - is anyone use the 4.1 VMware Appliance yet (deployed on ESXi via OVA)?

I deployed it no problem, but when I open the console, there’s nothing but a blank UCS screen with a Language selection and lined-out Single Sign-on in the upper right corner. Clicking Single Sign-on takes me to the univention web site.

There’s no browser menu bar, or URL displayed, there’s no forward or back, no login prompt and all it does is flash a dialog box “Information: So far the authentication has failed. Nevertheless continuing.” every 30 seconds or so.

If I browse externally to the DHCP-assigned IP address, I got a login window prompt for username/password. The URL there is: … rname=root

But there’s no interview or anything like what it shows in either the Quick Start or Extended Installation documents.

Help !?

The URL that my external browser redirects to is
{https, IP_ADDR}/univention-management-console/?module=setup&flavor=wizard&overview=false&username=root

The ISO install does the same thing if I power off at the configuration screen and make a snapshot…