Virtualization Related Questions

Can a VM on the server be cached on the Client since it is on Ubuntu and KVM can also be installed on the desktop version? This makes the VM mobile and reduces IO/Logon Storms.

Is there support for vGPU?

Any plans for application layering with a gold image? Eg Verde VDI

Can snapshots of VMs be made/scheduled? If yes, is rollback possible?


in general, UCS DVS is based on UCS 2.4 and will only be maintained till 31.12.2013.
So no further features are planned here.

Based on our experience with UCS Desktop Virtualization Services we are currently working with partners to integrate solutions for desktop virtualization with UCS.
Of course you are able to use virtualization besides DVS techniques with current UCS versions -> UVMM.

There are plans regarding NVIDIA’s Grid support for KVM -> NVIDIA Techblog
I am also aware of several ways to pass-through physical graphics crads with KVM and/or XEN:

There is no integrated feature for this - but using virsh, every command should be useable within own (automated) scripts.

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Tim Petersen