Using CD ISO , cannot correctly work if updates are applied upto 5.0.3

if you have a 5.0.2 OR a 5.0.3
and you use the base 5.0 ISO, as a “Replica Directorry Node” from fresh
AND you apply updates, during the install, it breaks at the download of the 5.0.3 updates whilst configuring the
5.0.3 upgrade.

That is to say it starts configuring the updates and seems to be successful, but then exits the installer with no error… but the web screen still shows it is progressing.
however CMD line access tells a different story…
colud not find any errors in logs, but last update on file time stamp was hours ago…

really the “update” during fresh install should be more fined grained, and not try to take it from base CD-> full current AND a slave join at the same time…

Also!!!.. if you are gonig to use the “DHCP” to config the network, the least you could do is provide the ip address
Selected… or allow self static config.