User Home on NAS Server with nfs and quota

Hello there,

i have some questions… I want to move the user-homes to our nas (Synologie DSM) and mount it (ucs server).

Thats working (without kerberos) but i want to have user quotas so i probalby need idmappings/kerberos. But im not sure how to to it…

The normal users wont mount the nfs shares. I only need it serverside because acces to the date ist done via the smb share from ucs and the user cant even see the nfs-server.

The problem is the user/group-quota… If im right i can’t set the usr quota within the nfs mount so i need the users on the nas (LDAP or Domain?) and the right ownership/permissions (idmappings) on the nas to set the quota on the nas.

  1. With the nas i can join the AD or connect it to ldap. What is preferred for this setup?
  2. For Kerberos on the NAS i need some kind of kerberos key. How to get it? Im not really familiar with kerberos.
  3. Or is there some other way to do it?

Thanks for any suggestions

I now generated a Key ( and imported it to the nas

But When i run:

sudo mount -t nfs4 -o sec=krb5 IPNAS:/DIR ./DIR/

I get

access denied by server while mounting IPNAS:DIR

Its working with

sudo mount -t nfs4 IPNAS:/DIR ./DIR/

But then i dont get the right user mapping.