Use Case - Samba 4


I’m new to UCS and I would like to ask you if it will fit my use case.

I’ve a Zentyal (Samba4) domain with 4 DCs right now. My goal is to KEEP the Samba4 domain but to remove my 4 Zentyal (and use UCS maybe :slight_smile: ).

1 - So, with this in mind is not very clear to me the correct approach. I wan’t to decomission these DC’s one by one and, at the end, one of my UCS servers should be the Samba PDC and the other ones should be “regular” domain controllers.

2 - Also, is it ok in the future, for instance, to change FSMO roles between UCS servers (if I want / need) ?

3 - I will need to direct syslog (with rsyslog ? ) to a Palo Alto Firewall so the firewall can map users to IP address. Is this supported by UCS?

4 - If, for some reason, in the future I need to migrate this samba4 to a “real” active directory (with windows servers), will I be able to do that?

5 - I understand that UCS uses Samba4 but at the same time (?) a openldap directory, am I correct? Why is that so?

Thank you so much!!