USC User field grayed out

We are running UCS which is connected to our Active Directory server where all of our user accounts reside.
UCS correctly syncs everything, but when I am logged in as a domain admin and click on a users account all of the fields are greyed out and ineditable.

I have tried several domain admin accounts all with the same results.

We have a test UCS instance pulling from a test AD server and everything is open and editable.
Is there a config option or something that was missed that would disable all of the user fields?



UCS offers two modes of synchronization between a UCS server and an AD domain: AD member mode and less strict two-way sync of users and groups. They’re described in sections 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 of the admin documentation. My guess is that you’re using AD member mode in your production setup and the sync method in the test environment. In AD member mode you cannot edit users/groups on the UCS side, if I’m not mistaken.