Upload custom certificate


Hey there guys,

I installed Univention a few days ago following some other tutorial, before continuing though, I’m trying to upload my own certificate but can only find options to that with Univention as a CA. Obviously I would need to add a custom root as well but since it’s got Debian underneat it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out on my own. :slight_smile:

Do you have any pointers I could use on how to achieve this. I’m seeing the menus and look easy enough but somehow sometimes I still get lost and there’s seems to be no mention in the documentation. I found some links with keywords for certificates but they’re in German and it’s the one big European language I still have to learn. But, if it’s explained with the words for: man, bread, woman, man, child, water, and just pictures, I could make do. :grin: Thanks!



sorry for the following but at least once in my lifetime I wanted to use this link. :yum:
So have a look at the second result.

Even by searching for “certificates” in the category “Knowledgebase” brings up the important article for this.




I did! There were three different help sources; searched on every on for TLS, certificates and SSL, as well in about a dozen PDFs, the closest I got was about the root cert import for AD join. But that’s supposed to happen automatically and I think it did because the system had no issues binding with Active Directory.

You link returns some sort of placeholder haven, BTW, work in progress?

Thanks anyway for the time. :slight_smile:



damn- wanted to use this once and simply failed with it. Blame on me :roll_eyes:

Anyways, have a look here.



Apologies for my timing, I starred this resources for Azure tenants on GitHub to keep track of it and it flooded my inbox making the notifs for this thread hard to find.

Thanks a million! I really appreciate your help. I copied to a notebook and bookmarked just in case. In the mean time I learned to use the actual procedure for which I was actually using Univention as a substitute, but, I had taken already a like to Univention even though I hand’t notice until a few hours ago it was still unregistered.

Now that I don’t really need it (and thanks to your help), I’ll be able to explore around–no pressure–and maybe find what Univention can replace on the network. I immediately liked the clean interface, that upfront pricing not hidden behind “call for quote” and that being Linux other than Red Hat, it had no problem integrating tight with AD.

Gustavo D.