Upgrade UCS to 5.0 - DC Master Role but no samba installed?

Hello all, and thanks for your help. I am slowly making my way through error after error on this upgrade and have owncloud installed and accessible, but no AD connection as it was before the upgrade. I am using a single Univention Server in domain controller master role with AD connector installed to connect to a windows server 2012 domain. It appears Samba4 is not installed and somehow got dropped out during the process, likely when I was trying to fix the schannel error before the upgrade. Now the Univention server is back up and running with all join scripts finished except owncloud. Wekan is up and running and still allows logins from Windows domain users present before the upgrade. In checking up on samba4, it shows as not installed, neither is S4 connector. owncloud is not registering Ad connected users nor allowing logins through Ad. The join script shows incomplete, but the interface is available … really need some help - can I just install samba 4 and let it rerun to join the Active Directory, or is it included in the AD connector somehow?

Would it work to uninstall AD Connector and reinstall?

thanks for the help!