Upgrade 4.2-1 errata157 to newer version isnt working



i cant upgrade to any newer Version, the updater.log says this error…

ERROR: The pre-check of the update calculated that the
       essential software package univention-server-master will be removed
       during the upgrade. This could result into a broken system.

       Please contact the Univention Support in case you have an Enterprise
       Subscription. Otherwise please try the Univention Forum
Error: Update aborted by pre-update script of release 4.2-2

updater.log (193.7 KB)

what could i try to do?


Is there a problem in the package database? Can you run

# apt-get install

on the command line, but DO NOT continue with whatever apt wants to do (ctrl+c or select “no”).


root@ucs:/# apt-get install
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen… Fertig
0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 0 zu entfernen und 648 nicht aktualisiert.

so seems no problem



your apt-get install shows that you have 648 outstanding updates. Are the 4.2-2 sources currently present in /etc/apt/sources.list.d?

Additionally I can see that you have Debian package sources present in your APT configuration, too. That is definitely not recommended.

I’d suggest you do the following:

  1. Make sure 4.2-2 isn’t present in APT sources: grep -r 4.2-2 /etc/apt/sources.list* Remove them if they’re present somewhere.
  2. Remove the Debian sources
  3. Run univention-upgrade and let it install all available updates without doing the release upgrade to 4.2-2.

If in doubt, attach the content of /etc/apt/sources.list and all files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d

Kind regards