Upgarde to 4.2 - NextCloud not working anymore

Hi all,
I upgraded to 4.2this evening. The upgrade went proper, but after it finished, I wasn’t able to start Kopano/NextCloud anymore. A reboot fixed the Kopano WebApp, Nextcloud is still not working.

After digging into the system I found out that the docker container is not running and cannot be started (not from the UMC, nor from console).
I found some dependencies from NextCloud to PostgreSQL and checked this. PostgreSQL is running but the apt-get upgrade command replies, thet the package “postgresql-client” was kept back. I did not find a way to upgrade it.
Could this be the reason?

If you need more information (english oder german) please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Okay, I just did a rollback to a snapshot and started the upgrade again, this time everything was fine.

Problem solved.