Updating Office365 connector to 5.0?


Univention 5.0 was released about 6 months ago now, and I am wondering if there are any plans to update the official Office365 connector plugin, as this is our current roadblock to upgrading off 4.4. From looking at the github repository, I can see there is no branch dedicated to 5.0, but updates are being made to the 4.4 version of the plugin. If there are no plans to support this plugin for 5.0, then a message should be added to its app center page stating as such so that others running into this issue will know not to wait for an update to the plugin.

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I’m interessed in this also. For a future installation I don’t want to install UCS 4.4 for having Office365 running. Please allow to install Office365 connector for UCS 5.

Its only me or o365 is break after the latest updates in UCS 4.4 ?