Univention server proxy

If i want to “proxy” the univention server, is there a config document?

That is, i want all requests that the server sends off site, to be routeable to a proxy server.

This is NOT the clients, it is purely the univention servers internal requests i want to proxy.
so anything for patches/updates etc…


yes, you can operate UCS behind a proxy and I have seen that multiple times as it’s common practice for datacenters and bigger hosters.
Normally it should be sufficient to set the UCR variabled proxy/* for this, see: 8.2. Configuration of hardware and drivers — Univention Corporate Server - Manual for users and administrators

There is one caveat I know of: Already installed apps might not pick up changes of this variable - If that’s the case for you we can try to figure a solution out.


it was because I was having problem getting reliable access to the App center due to time outs.

Not really needed for other apps, just Univention internal.