Univention Free Edition - Upgrade and securityfixes

Hi folks,
I am just trying UCS on a proxmox-host (behind a firewall) for private purposes.

As I used the iso-file (which you can get via download) I am wondering what happens after the 6month of guaranteed updates?

I assume in the “free-edition” you also get security fixes for 6 month?
What happens after this 6 month?
Will I have to reinstall the whole server with the next “actual” version of UCS (installing via Iso)?

Is there a way for a private-user to get in touch with a longer support? As this product is great, I will also pay for it (cause it has to be supported).

Thanks a lot!

No you just upgrade to the next version e.g. when UCS 5 will be released you have 6 month to upgrade from UCS 4 to UCS5 (inplace no reinstall)


And if i do the upgrade in a year, is this also possible?

yes i think so, but you then have 6 month a running system without security fixes


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and you do the inplace upgrade via GUI, or console?

via GUI or univention-upgrade from cli console (not with apt upgrade)