Univention Corporate Server Nextcloud


i installed Nextcloud on my UCS Server. The access via Webbrowser works fine, but when i try to get access via the Nextcloud App i get the following error [see attachment]. What shall i do now?
ich habe auf meinem UCS Server Nextcloud installiert. Der Zugriff aus dem Webbrowser funktioniert ohne Probleme, wenn ich nun aber mit der App auf die Nextcloud zugreifen will erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung (siehe Anhang). Was soll mir diese Meldung sagen und was kann ich tun, um den Fehler zu beheben?
Danke für Eure Hilfe



seems that there is something blocked from your firewall or so
what did you enter for the webserver site ? should be https://server.domain.xy/nextcloud/



yeah thats the construction of my url…


are you going through proxy ?
did you try from same lan with the mobile ?
does the web site load on your mobile correctly in safari ?



he´s asking because of certificate then same error
yes but only when i type in https://


is the FQDN in the certificate and the server FQDN the same ?


yeah server name server.domain.xy and certificate for server.domain.xy


ok - i’m out of ideas now - any hint in the web server logs ?



where do i find them? sorry i´m new in this topic…



I do not know this error message nor a solution but what is says is the following:

It appears json text can be split into fragments. The data the client received was not a valid json text. So it was possibly fragmented:

  • the previous or following part have not been received
  • the client does not accept fragmented parts
  • it has not been marked as being fragmented.

Anyhow, if you do not find a setting in your client I guess it is a setting in the Nextcloud Code. If no one has a better answer here you might ask Nextcloud team/ community.



ok thank you :smiley: