Unable to Upgrade

Trying to do an update I receive the following message getting lock down. Unable to Upgrade

An update to UCS 3.1 without the component ‘ox4ucs’ is not possible because the component ‘ox4ucs’ is marked as required

Any solution about this?

Rolando Riley

The component ox4ucs is provided by Open-Xchange. If the update to UCS 3.1 is still blocked and the prerequisites mentioned in the Release Notes OX v6.22.2 / OX App Suite v7.2.1 & UCS 3.1 are met you should check that the component is properly registered and you OX maintenance key is still valid.
It might help to re-insert your LDB-account into the UMC module.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke

Hi Dirk,
It is not working , no even trying to load up the OX license. It is odd the system complains about not having ox4ucs , because when I checked on the components modules its there.

    There is a similar thread on this forum the difference is that I don't have the binary installed on   OX 6.20.7   UCS 3.0-2 errata145

Rolando Riley


your screenshot looks like OX ASE. Have you already switched to UCS + OX SE Migration from OX ASE to OXSE for UCS?

In addition, the component “ox” in your screenshot shows a “permission denied” which probably indicates that the LDB-credentials for OX are invalid.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke

the upgrade in third attempt succeeded - puh!
but backup sql is not working anymore !?
If this not the right thread - please move it and reply!

no backup possible - wtf…
reason: mysql db of open-xchange got a password I don’t know - set by script while migration?
no root access to this db with -u root -pROOTPW ?
which, why and how can I get it/ change it or see the update log and/or what defaults are used when nothing was set before?

ty for reply 8)


please refrain from hijacking other topics.
The thread was started under “unable to upgrade”. According to your post you have been able to upgrade.

Looking at your post I am even not sure if you are talking about OX on UCS. I dont think that the MySQL DB was ever accessible with the root password by default. On UCS the file /etc/mysql.secret contains the password.

If you have still problems feel free to start a new thread in the “UCS” or “Mail” section.
Das geht dann auch in Deutsch.


Danke schön.
Ich habe sicher OX

Hallo everyone~My question is how to stop upgrade automatically in Andriod.My mobilephone often have problems when it upgrade.Thanks a lot.

I dont think that the MySQL DB was ever accessible with the root password by default.
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