Are you guys aware of this product … www.ulteo.com ?

I would like to see this included in UCS - even if just the Linux client in UTS and UCD

Or, for UCS to offer similar functionality. That being:

Ability to publish virtualized Linux or Windows apps for use by client - rather that running virtual desktops. This would be great if incorporated into UCD to mix local and hosted apps from one interface.

Web desktop portal - for remote access to apps and data via browser from any remote client

iOS and Android clients to launch published apps or desktops or portal.

Hello Jmulvaney,
The software is also a desktop-virtualization solution and the scope is comparable with
UCS Desktop Virtuialization Services: univention.de/produkte/ucs-d … -services/

The UCS-integration of ulteo is probably a problem
because of conflicts with Univention Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)
The integration of the client seems to be possible because of an exitsting Debian-package …
From our point of view it could be wiki-article.

If you are interested in an integration please contact sales@univention.de to discuss the business-case.
best regards
C. Martens