Udm restapi - HTTP 405: Method Not Allowed

Hi, using the restapi modifying a user using the PUT method I get the answer:

{“error”: {“title”: “”, “code”: 405, “message”: “HTTP 405: Method Not Allowed”, “traceback”: null, “error”: {}}, “_links”: {“self”: [{“title”: "HTTP-Error 405: ", “href”: “”}], “curies”: [{“name”: “udm”, “templated”: true, “href”: “{rel}”}]}}

do you have any ideas on how to fix it?

Please write how you would make the request using curl. Then others can try to reproduce it.

For an example look here: Univention Developer Reference

Please enclose code block with three single ticks for better readability.


Are you sending PUT to /users/user/? It should be send to /users/user/$DN.

Yes my fault, sorry i miss the DN part at the end of the URL.

Thank you.