UCS Upgrade to 4.3 broke Kopano

it seems that the current kopano version are not compatible with UCS 4.3.
On upgrade process the upgrade crashs throwing some apache configuration errors (kopano uses php_value in its .htacess files).
The updater not telling that their will be a problem with ucs 4.3 and current kopano version.

It’s not yet supported:


The linked post was speaking about the test appcenter, this one is more recent:


The exact error message would be nice. Which versions are installed?

Currently using
kopano-z-push 2.3.7

When ucs 4.3 is installing/upgrading the upgrade crash with error message that the “php_value” statements in .htaccess of z-push and kopano-webabb not recognized/supported.
The webapp and z-push are not accessible after upgrade finished.

I think the only thing you’ll have to do is switch apache mods from php5 to php7.0 after upgrade

thats done within 2mins


how can do that switch apache mods from php5 to php7 have problem with Kopano core will not start

a2dismod php
a2enmod php7.0

but i think this is not related to kopano-core more to webapp

what does output of “systemctl status kopano-server.service” say ?


I take install again 4.3 that fixed something and now Kopano core started with no problem
status for kopano is green

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I guess you already found the post on how to change the SSL setting?

Yes: KopanoCore start fail after Upgrade form UCS 4.2 to UCS 4.3
So it worked again.
By the way, I had to do the 4.3 upgrade also twice before the PHP error was gone. The upgrade stalled for 1,5 hour, “top” didn’t show any real activity anymore and I had to reboot