UCS now available as free Core Edition

From now on, there is also a free edition of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) available for commercial purposes: the new UCS Core Edition. It replaces the previous “free for personal use” license and allows administrators to use UCS in organizations without having to buy maintenance subscription. Users who would like to relinquish the benefits of a commercial subscription like professional support, extended product life cycles and product liability can still use the extensive technical advantages of UCS free of charge.

Security updates and upgrade possibilities are of course regularly available for the UCS Core Edition. Simultaneously, we adapted and extended our Enterprise Subscriptions:
[li] UCS Base Subscription[/li]
[li] UCS Standard Subscription[/li]
[li] UCS Premium Subscription[/li][/ul] All three variants now include the license for the first 10 clients within a domain.

Information about all UCS Editions can be found in the overview on the website at https://www.univention.com/products/prices/.