UCS Mail on alternate ports

Sorry if this is in the wrong board, but the Mail board seems to not be very active.

Anyways, how does one have UCS Mail go OUT an alternate SMTP port? We have a few sites that the ISP blocks port 25. We’d like to set it up so that the UCS Mail servers at those sites, accept port 25 for local clients, then relays those emails via port 2525 to our central mail server (non ucs based) which already accepts port 25 and port 2525. We have reviewed the setting up a UCS mail relay, however it states nothing on how to add an additional port (2525) or how to change the ports SMTP uses.

Any suggestions would be great!



you are most likely using UCRV “mail/relayhost” which configures relayhost in the main.cf.

According to Postfix Small/Home Office Hints and Tips ist is possible to use alternate ports for relayhost.
This should work in the same way on UCS.

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Dirk Ahrnke