UCS Domain Clustering

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How to cluster UCS domain?

I want to cluster UCS domain, I mean I want to have one domain name but multiple server if one of my domain server goes down the other should takeover.

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you should get used to the documentation and possibly redefine your requirements. Or at least make them explicit.

There are obviously several possibilities to get a failover scenario. Are you thinkign about the full domain or some services or some servers?

However, get used to the UCS architecture it might help you in understanding.

UCS is a “single-master mutli-dc” system. This means the master is the one responsible for any writing actions (ie password changes) while the other servers have only read-only copies.

This means if the master fails most of services located on the other servers are still accessible.

If you want to have nearly 100% really high available you should consider using something like the HA feature of VMware.

However, tell us what you exaclty want and we might give you further information.