UCS Docker Images


I noticed that the UCS Docker Images at hub.docker.com/r/univention/ucs … md64/tags/ are seemingly stuck at 4.1-0 while we are at 4.1-2 right now.

Is running UCS in Docker actually supported for production environments? Are the source Dockerfiles also available somewhere?


Hi Malte,

yes, running UCS in Docker is actually supported. But we do not use a Docker file, instead we create a UCS tgz and then do a docker import if I am not mistaken. You can base a new image on our image, of course.

We will be releasing 4.1-2 images: [bug]41286[/bug]


What about 4.1-4 docker images?

It seems we update the images to 4.1-3 at the moment. We will further update the images in time, but I do not have a Timframe for you at the moment.

Kind Regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen