Ucs dns issues unlike native bind

Hello All,

I have used BIND for DNS for a while now, and know that I can specify an @ A record which would be the default for my domain name, but I seem not to be able to do that with UCS.

Say my domain is example.com

I can simply say:

@ IN A

Then go and say something like:

www IN A

So that when people type in example.com in their browsers, what it gives is a www record.

How can I achieve this same effect with UCS DNS service which I believe runs on BIND also.

Thanks in advance.

You can add such entries with a host name of * instead of @:

  1. Log in to the Univention Management Console
  2. Navigate to “Domain” → “DNS”
  3. Select the zone you want to add the wildcard entry to in the tree on the left
  4. On the right click on “Add” and select “DNS: Host record” as the type
  5. Use * as the host name and whatever you want as the IP address
  6. Save, wait a couple of seconds, then test