UCS 4.3 on OpenStack


I’m trying to create an OpenStack project to implement UCS 4.3 master and backup domain controllers (as per the datacentre diagram shown in UCS@school scenario 3) and I’m getting stuck after creating the master and hope that someone can help me get to the next level.
I am using Openstack horizon and have successfully created two volumes from an uploaded image and launched two instances of UCS. I have a public facing network and have created a UCS-core private network ( which is to be used for internal communication between UCS nodes and will connect into this network via VPN from remote sites.
My problem is that after creating the master domain controller with the public network as the primary interface (eth0) in order to be able to access the management console via public IP and the UCS-Core private network as the secondary interface (eth1) everything runs to completion but when I move on to create the backup domain controller with the UCS-core network as the primary interface and the gateway/DNS set to the master domain controller the setup fails saying that it cannot find the master domain controller.
If I set the backup domain controller to use the public network as primary and use the public IP of the master domain controller then the config as a backup domain controller proceeds but I am afraid that this is not correct as it is using the public network to communicate between the master and backup domain controllers and not the private network UCS-Core.

Can anyone point me towards a how-to or suggest the best way of approaching this please?

Thanks in advance.



I guess your master DNS resolves it’s name to it’s primary IP on eth0. But as you have configured your backup to have only the core/vpn network it can not reach the public IP of the master.
Again, just a guess.

Try to use the usual troubleshooting tools to identify the issue.
Use dig or hostname to see what IP of the master the backup gets.
Use ping or nmap to check if the master is reachable
Use ip and route to get current state
Use iptables to identify firewall settings.