UCS 4.3 kopano "Current spellchecker isn't supported" error


Hi all,

it seems the update/upgrade to was working great in case it’s always a part of hope that it works.

The only which is not working is now the spellchecker…any solution for that?

Thank you Carmen


Are there any more logs for that? Which versions are in use exact? Anything in the webserver log? The browser console?


@fbartels here the version

ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell                                                     all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-de-de                                                all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker German dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-en                                                   all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker English dictionary plugin
ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-nl                                                   all          Kopano WebApp Spellchecker Dutch dictionary plugin

But in the Webapp it’s still 0.1

No there are no errors in browser console and apache log’s


the version numbers in webapp plugin config screen are not related to the package versions - thats ok i think



@fbartels it’s weird in some users webapp the spellchecker is visible in other users not but he is marked as active.

The users who can see them getting the error.

I reinstalled them but same as before.


Anything new there? I got this error too … Spellchecker is active and language is set to “german”. But it doesn’t work anyway.


I can only say “it works for me”. Since I don’t think this is really related to Univention I would recommend to rather create a post on the Kopano forum about this (for example below https://forum.kopano.io/category/21/plugins-for-kopano-webapp), or open a support case if a valid subscription exists.


in my case the following modules where not installed… I don’t know why. I installed Kopano from Univention in their App-Center.

root@server:~# dpkg -l|grep enchant
ii  enchant                                             1.6.0-11+b1                                      amd64        Wrapper for various spell checker engines (binary programs)
ii  libenchant1c2a:amd64                                1.6.0-11+b1                                      amd64        Wrapper library for various spell checker engines (runtime libs)
ii  php-enchant                                         1:7.0+49                                         all          Enchant module for PHP [default]
ii  php5-enchant                                        5.6.33+dfsg-0+deb8u1                             amd64        Enchant module for php5
ii  php7.0-enchant                                      7.0.27-0+deb9u1                                  amd64        Enchant module for PHP