UCC cifs-mount home directory on XRDP server

Hi, still testing the UCC thin clients. Am testing a UCC-XRDP LTSP server (I realise it won’t be around after 3.0 but would like to use it as i see on google translate from the german forum that 2.1 should be supported until 2019? And we have some old eeePC based LTSP clients already).

I’m having an issue using a UCR policy on the XRDP server LDAP container to mount the CIFS user home share from my fileserver.

As per the docs 5.5, I enter the parameters:
[li]ucc/mount/cifshome/server = fileserver.fakedomain.com.au[/li]
[li]ucc/mount/cifshome/share = home[/li][/ul]
in my UCR policy tired to /computers/ucc-xrdpserver.

For an example user ‘testuser’ the UCC desktop mounts the remote share /home/ to the local UCC desktop under /home/testuser/
So the fstab entry created by UCC is: [quote]//fileserver.fakedomain.com.au/home on /home/testuser type ifs (rw)[/quote]

In my mind it should be: [quote]//fileserver.fakedomain.com.au/home/testuser on /home/testuser type ifs (rw)[/quote]
So this means the UCC desktop user sees /home/testuser/testuser/ as the path. This seems to break the various login methods (LXDE/RDP etc) as they can’t write their files to the remote /home directory rather than one folder down in /home/testuser/.

Is this a bug, or have I missed something? Is there a ucc/mount/cifshome/options I should be using to get the home share properly mounted?

Thanks again,


Hi all.

After a bit of fiddling with /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml on the UCC client I was able to get something approximating what I want. The UCC generated pam_mount config is:

Which gives me a weird and broken path of /home/testuser/testuser/~

I added one little bit:

And that gives me what I was after, the /home/testuser/~ from the fileserver is mounted to the local /home/testuser/~ on the UCC desktop client.

Because my samba4 MyDocs are redirected to the home share under a ‘Documents’ subfolder for windows clients, now on the UCC KDE desktop, that ‘Documents’ folder neatly matches up with the dolphin folder links, without treading on each others settings. We did something similar with the old ubuntu LTSP setup we have been using.

So is there a way for me to make this tweak via Univention policy so that it stays across reboots and could be applied to all UCC clients (e.g.: thin clients for use with the LXDE session type)?

can you try to not mount every user-home singularly and instead mount /home directly? Can be done via CIFS or NFS.

Kind Regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen