Two settings for "Substitute"

Hello, everybody,

after Kopano is installed on UCS there is a new one in the:
User administration -> Kopano
A field “Substitute”.

In Kopano itself (WebApp/DeskApp) there is also a field “Substitute” in the settings.

What is the difference between the two?

Best regards

Hi @pixel,

I don’t see a field with that name:


I use the German localization … Delegates

Ah, while its honorable for you to try to ask in english for ui specific questions it may be helpful to include the text as its written (and not an approximate translation).

To answer you question: Kopano supports two kinds of delegations:

  • The admin defined one (the one you see in the ucs panel) which is then essentially a “send as”
  • The user defined one (the one you see in WebApp) which is essentially sending “on behalf of”.