Trying to install the Amazon EC2 Connector

I am trying to install the UVMM Amazon EC2 Connector and it appears to not be available in the GUI/UCS Portal, I tried to install via CLI and get the below error.

On GOOGLE it shows that is not supported and to find the alternate option in the app catalog, however, I do not see another option… is there a recommended alternative or how do we install the EC2 connector?

root@bebucsvmmsvr01:~# univention-app install uvmm-ec2
Going to install Amazon EC2 cloud connection (1.0)
(must_have_correct_server_role) The application cannot be installed on the current server
role (memberserver). In order to install the application,
one of the following roles is necessary: u’domaincontroller_master, domaincontroller_backup, domaincontroller_slave’
(must_not_be_end_of_life) This application was discontinued and may not be installed
Unable to install uvmm-ec2. Aborting…