Trouble rejoining dcs

I have two dcs, one backup and one slave that need to be rejoined to our domain. I am having a hell of a time accomplishing this seemingly trivial task. I get this error a lot in the join log:

looking for spn account “dns-computer name” in local samba

Could anybody give me give me a tips as of how to troubleshoot this error?

many tanks in advance

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Can you provide the full log, please?

Hi, SirTux

Thank you for replying. It is highly appreciated as I am pulling my hair on this issue.

There are three pending join scripts on the backup dc:

On the slave dc there are five pending join scripts:

Yesterday I tried to execute the scripts individually, but I have now executed all pending scripts via the GUI on both servers. I have pasted the content of the join.log files below.

In order to troubleshoot the issue, I have also run univention-system-check on the domain master. It reports this issue:

running [samba ] - FAILED -

I suspect this error is the connected to my problem, but I haven’t been able to find info on how to fix it.

I would appreciate any tips which could help me solving the issue. Many thanks in advance!

— edit 2019-11-15: it seems as if this thread is dead. I have therefore removed the logs from the post.

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