Tool for project related time-tracking

Hi all,

I’m looking for a tool to collect project related information how much time someone / a team has spent on a specific task.

I know, that e.g. eGroupware, Tine or OpenProject have such features included, but that is quite overdone for my intended usecase.

What I need is kind of a standalone time-tracking tool, to create time records and filtered reports.

Like Kimai, which is not yet part of the UCS App Center.

Has anyone a hint for me?


Hello @Thorger,

there is currently a voting running about Kimai. If you are interested in having this solution in the App Center, please vote for it:

I really appreciate your posting, because it shows me that time tracking is a use case for you and that existing apps don’t cover it in the form you need it. Thank you.

Best regards,

Redmine has a project related timetracker and may work for some use cases too.