To execute command for all session user?

I’m a computer technician who works on UCS infrastructure already installed on new client.
UCS version 3.2.3.
os client on user station: Centos 6.5.
This has been done in order to centralize user accounts in ldap with a domain.
That works well.

Today, I am looking for a way to diffuse the following command to all users:

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop volumes-visible=false

I have seen in the advanced settings of the account on UCS, one finds the user preferences.
Please, I am trying to know, what is the key to use to execute the command under the user’s session.
Thanking you in advance.

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as far as I understood the clients are running Unity on CentOS.
The clients are using UCS as authentication source, probably by using the methods described in Extended domain services documentation.

There seems to be no further integration for CentOS-Clients other than information as accounts themselve and it appears that you can not solve the problem by using management tools from UCS.
I would search for a solution in the CentOS forums or docs.

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Dirk Ahrnke

Perhaps dconf can help. I`m enforcing proxy-usage:


tree /etc/dconf

├── db
│ ├── site ← is generated by dconf update
│ └── site.d
│ └── 00_site_settings
└── profile
└── user[/code]

# cat /etc/dconf/profile/user user-db:user system-db:site


cat /etc/dconf/db/site.d/00_site_settings

After these changings, you have to activate them with dconf update. It’s immediately active for every user.

dconf dump / > dconf-export and dconf load / dconf-export may be helpfull for getting correct syntax.

You can easily deploy these folders with ansible to all active clients or use ansible pull on bootup.