The UCS does not publish apps from installed appliances

Only apps installed via the app center shows up. (this worked a week ago in our demo environment. we decided to go live and get a clean start this when our problems started)

  1. Created a and configured a VM in proxmox for the primary UCS.
    (I’ve tried both the KVM for UCS and install from ISO)

  2. Downloaded appliances for suitecrm, open project and nextcloud.

  3. Joined the domain as slaves to the UCS (after adding the license for UCS)

Earlier the apps were presented in the portal (UCS) and the specific appliance but not now. No icons or shortcuts to the apps not anything.

I can still install via app center but would prefer to run some services on different physical or virtual machines.

Under devices I can see the joined hosts but no apps. No errors during joining. I’ve tried rejoining but no.