System roles (DC master and DC slave)




I have problems understanding how the whole master-slave scenario works. I created a master DC named ‘’ and a slave DC called ‘’. I added a Windows XP computer to the domain ‘’ and when I try to login with an LDAP user it works (both when the master and slave are working and when only the slave is working). What I don’t understand is why the slave replicates all the information in the master (I’d like to replicate only a subset), and why when I try to enter the slave LDAP through univention I can’t see any information (no users, no groups, no computers…). Shouldn’t I at least be able to see the computers connected to the slave? Note that when I enter the master LDAP I can see all the information (users, groups, etc…), but I don’t see any of the computers connected.
Thank you very much.



a Slave-DC holds a read-only copy of the LDAP-data. It can be used for applications with heavy usage of the informations stored in the LDAP-directory for example mail-servers.
As the information can not be changed on the slave the management console does not show the same modules as the Master.