Symlinks between Windows shares

Hi all,

for enabling symlinks between different Windows shares the ucr variable samba/wide_links must be set to yes.

But looks like that is not enough? In addition to that, the samba parameter “unix extensions” must be set to “no” (default is “yes”) or the parameter “allow insecure wide links = yes” must be set.

If I add one of these options manually to the smb.conf, the symlinks between the Windows shares work, otherwise I get an error.

Unfortunally, the manually added parameter gets lost, if the smb.conf is rewritten by univention scripts, and the links stop working (the users will get errors).

Is there a possibility, to set the parameters permanently (unless editing the template files, what might cause problems during updates)?

Could you please check, if an additional ucr for “unix extensions” or “allow unsecure wide links” is necessary?