[SOLVED] UCS Portal Page - Redundant links to uninstalled apps


I have a UCS 4.2 Installation that previously had Zarafa4UCS installed. I successfully upgraded Zarafa4UCS to Kopano4UCS & all works as expected, but the UCS Portal page (what used to be known as the UCS Overview page) still shows links/icons for Zarafa Webaccess.

Similarly, though Owncloud has been uninstalled from this box, a link/icon still exists for the Owncloud Admin Manual.

My understanding from the documentation is that items on the portal page are controlled by UCR variables under the following UCR locations:-



I can find no UCR variable entries that would explain these “redundant” links/icons. I’m hoping someone may be able to let me know what I’m missing in terms of removing these unwanted links/icons from the portal page?



If these entries are not cleaned up correctly, the easiest way to remove them is with the UMC LDAP brower. Navigate to the container univention -> portal, and remove the objects.



Thanks so much for the response. That’s just too easy. I never realised the portal page could be modified that way via the LDAP Browser. Those redundant items had been irritating me for months & I knew it would be something silly & small that I was missing.

Really appreciate your help :grinning: