Smartcard Authentication

Hello together,

I look for a solution to login in Windows operated systems using a smartcard.
I already activated the cool-solutions repository and created a user certificate.
But there is missing the key usage “Smartcard Login”

Thankful for every hint.

Greetings, Karsten

Hi Karsten, I am also interested in implementing a solution like this with the Univention CA for Windows clients. Any news/updates with it?

I think the certificate template needs to be adapted to include the “Smartcard Login” usage but I have no idea how to achieve it. Cool Solution - Creation and management of user and Windows certificates describes quite a lot UCR variables regarding Windows but I don´t see something related to key usage.

Is it possible to patch the templates manually?


I would also love to know whether or not there is some way to get this. maybe add a variable for adding and/or overriding usages.