Slow Mail response

The last months It takes more and more time before I can read a mail.
When I switch between an e-mail. It takes around 8 seconds before I can read the mail
I’m working with the latest Kopano version, on the server, as well on my windows client Kopano client
Any Idea how I can resolve this issue?

Hello @goudduif,

since its unlikely that this has anything to do with the Univention base system I would recommend you to open up a thread on the official Kopano forum.

Please include the following information in your post:

  • the actual version in use
  • in which client are you experiencing this (there is no “the windows client”, but multiple clients that can be used in Windows).
  • did you already do any tuning measures?

I agree with @fbartels that it is unlikely that UCS itself is the cause here, so I am moving this topic back to the “Apps & App Center” category.