Showing mails grouped by user

Is there a way to show the list of mails grouped by the sender? I was convinced that this is something I once saw in a screenshot.

What app are you referring to?

Ah sorry,

I was referring to the OX AppSuite.

Hi @nickbe,

there’s a menu “Sort by” - is this what you’re looking for? Sorting by “From” should get you there. Or try “Conversations”.

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We already tried that, but it’s not really what we’re looking for.
I was referring to a grouped likst of users like this:

Jon Doe (25)
Mike Meyers (4)
Sandra Sin (10)

where you have a list of users and a mail counter on the left side and then the users’s mails on the right side.

That’d be a filter. You can probably configure something like this with virtual folders in Dovecot:

What I actually meant is a real group view. Like a second list of contacts left of the list of mails and then all the mails for each contact to the right.

The OX Webmail-frontend does not index mails and can thus not do that. But Dovecot can.
You can either simply search for the sender address or create the aforementioned virtual folders.