Set alternative mail-address as policy for groupmembers

i would like to set an alternative mail-address via policy for all Members in a Group so these members can use it as sender-address.
When a user is removed from this Group he should automatically loose the right to use this address.

I think this could be set via an unc-policy added to the Group-setting

root@mail:/etc/dovecot/conf.d# univention-app info
UCS: 4.2-0 errata26
App Center compatibility: 4
Installed: mailserver=11 open-xchange-text=7.8.3-17-ucs1 oxseforucs=7.8.3-17-ucs1

I hope you can lead me into the right direction to set this up.

Thank you



As far as I know, this is not possible with UCS policies at the moment. I guess you either need to do this manually or write a littlte shell script that can add/remove a given user to the group and add/remove the mail address to the user at the same time. UDM is the right tool to do this.

Hello Michael,
thank you for the tip with the shell script. After setting the alternative mail-address via udm i had to learn that his is not what i want because Emails originated to this address is sent to all users which have this alternative-address. The users already have access to the inbox of this address via acl. There is no need to send the mails to the Users directly. I only want these users to be able to send Mails with this address.

After a lot of testing & Googling I’m pretty convinced that what you want to achieve is simply not possible (at least not without major effort of scripting and/or programming).