Seperated sub-domain for each location

Hi, I want to configure UCS domain with seperated sub-domain for each location like Microsoft’s scenario. For example: we have 5 sites all over the world the root UCS domain is ABC.COM from Head Quater. Each office will have domain like: siteA.ABC.COM, siteB.ABC.COM, etc… with different subnet. All sub UCS system will connect to root UCS system via VPN site-to-site connection. Please show me how to configure with this case. Thank you.

It has been almost 1 day and no replies. Can anyone help me?

That’s a very general question. You should install the UCS DC Master in the headquarter und UCS DC Slaves in the offices. All should should have installed Samba 4. Then you can create the sites configuration with the normal Microsoft tools.

Thank you. I will try to have some tests via lab environment and let you know the result later. Appreciate for your answer :slight_smile: