Separate Linux fileserver

Hello friends,

we have a somewhat aging Linux/Samba filesever authenticating against Windows AD (AD to be replaced with UCS). Server is additionally running some internal webservices and several custom made (cron) scripts to handle some special workflows.
We’ve been fine with command line server administration so far, but a central point (GUI) to handle shares/ACLs would nice.

Would you suggest setting up a new, replacement filesever as UCS (what role?) or as “vanilla” Debian/Devuan and use the main UCS instance for authetication and share management (if possible)?
Any objections installing additinal Debian packages in an UCS installation and running custom scripts on it?

Tahnks in advance!

We use FreeNAS as our file server and have it connected to our UCS server for account management. I would personally recommend something like that rather than running file services on UCS directly. Rolling your own on a vanilla Linux box would work as well, but it seems much less convenient and maybe not worth the effort.

Hi Kevo,

FreeNas is an interesting product indeed. I’ve read several forum (older) posts here and there suggesting it is very difficult to join into an UCS AD domain. Is that still true?


I don’t think so. I think the problem before was mainly in figuring out a certificate issue. IIRC, there is no issue there anymore and it’s pretty straightforward. I think there is a thread on this forum that describes how to do it.