Second portal page


i want to use a second portal page in ucs. I created the portal page and add the apps.
But now i cant find a setting to set the link to the portal.
I want to enter the second portal :slight_smile:

Hi @bumann,

I am not quite sure what you mean by “second” portal, but could it be that you’re looking for How To: Setting a Different Default Page for Web Server ?

By default you have a portal page as landing page on ucs named “domain”.
But via ucs app “portal settings” you can add nother portal pages.
I ceated a second portal page via “portal settings”, but i dont know the url.

The portal concept is a little bit different: One UCS server can show one portal. You assign a portal to a UCS server via the UMC module Portal Settings, the option at Visibility -> Show on server.
See this article: