Second Milestone of UCS 3.1 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of the second milestone of UCS 3.1 as DVD-ISO for i386 and amd64. The milestone aims at channel partners and technology partners, who want to ensure the compatibility of their software solutions with UCS 3.1. The milestone is not designated for production use. An update DVD is not available.

The following elements of the planned feature set of UCS 3.1 have been added with this milestone:
[li] Preview Univention App Center[/li]
[li] Live search in Univention App Center[/li]
[li] Favorite area and personal user settings in UCS management system[/li]
[li] Support for Microsoft Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 in UCS AD Connector[/li]
[li] Update of package status database[/li]
[li] Migration tutorial for the Upgrade of own UMC modules[/li]
[li] Performance improvements within the domain management in large environments[/li]
[li] Management of network settings and passwords for other Linux systems in UCS management system[/li]
[li] Single modules in UCS management system can be deactivated[/li]
[li] Update of Samba 4 to the latest upstream version and Samba 3 to version 3.6.8[/li]
[li] Update of the Linux kernel to version 3.2.30[/li][/ul] The installed system is configured to retrieve package updates from It allows to easily follow the development of UCS 3.1 by just updating the packages.

Questions can be asked in the Univention Forum in the section UCS. Information about download and installation of the milestone can be found in the Univention Wiki in the article UCS 3.1 Development - Testings. Further information about development, schedule and feature set can be found in this article, as well.