SAML login page / IE compatibility view issue

We have the following issue with the SAML login page when using Box Sync.

Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro
Browser: Internet Explorer 11

The page https://[myhost]/simplesamlphp/module.php/core/loginuserpass.php is rendering fine in native mode of Internet Exporer 11.
Unfortunately the page is messed up in compatibility view. See screenshot.

Box Sync is an application by Box to sync files to your computer.
In our environment SAML SSO must be used to login to Box by Box Sync.

In Box Sync the page is rendered by Internet Explorer, in compatibility mode. I don’t have an option in Internet Explorer or Box Sync to “force” native mode.

To force Internet Explorer to use “native” rendering mode I added the following on top of the file.



Reference: … e-tag-edge

Please include this in the theme.

Thank you for your feedback. We will include the metadata in the template. … i?id=39850