Samba VFS

Below is a snippet of code from our old Samba3 systems running on CentOS 5.4.

This is an except from the smb.conf for a particular share on our old (yet to be depricated) Samba3 systems running on CentOS 5.2

	comment = User Files, etc...
	path = /sec/Fdrive
	write list = +secall, +secadmins, nobody
	read only = No
	inherit permissions = Yes
	veto oplock files = /*.xls/*.xlsx/*.pst/
	vfs objects = recycle
          recycle:versions = yes
	  recycle:noversions = *.pst
	  recycle:excludedir = /temp /tmp
	  recycle:maxsize = 0
	  recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.TMP *.bak *.BAK *.~pr ~*.*
	  recycle:touch = Yes
	  recycle:keeptree = Yes
	  recycle:repository = .recycle/%U
  	  recycle:directory_mode = 0750
          recycle:subdir_mode = 0700

My question is how do I add this particular VFS OBJECT (RECYCLE) on Univention 3.0.2? I see the ability to within the GUI, but there is little or no information on how to format the information.
What if I edit the share on Univention under /etc/samba/shares.conf.d ??? Will I have problems from the GUI afterwards?

Any help is appreciated,


you should be able to set your VFS options by setting values like the following one line in the GUI field

"vfs objects = recycle"           "recycle:versions = yes"      "recycle:noversions = *.pst"      "recycle:excludedir = /temp/tmp"      "recycle:maxsize = 0"      "recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.TMP *.bak *.BAK *.~pr ~*.*"      "recycle:touch = Yes"      "recycle:keeptree = Yes"      "recycle:repository = .recycle/%U"        "recycle:directory_mode = 0750"           "recycle:subdir_mode = 0700"

The “key = values” items should be written between “”.

Edited changes in the file under “/etc/samba/shares.conf.d” will be overwritten when the files are regenereated by the system on changing samba configurations.

Kind Regards
Tobias Scherer

Done as suggested.

Now in the UCS share /etc/samba/shares.conf.d/M_Midland I see the following:

[M_Midland] path = /sec/M_drive vfs objects = acl_xattr "vfs objects = recycle" "recycle:versions = yes" "recycle:noversions = *.pst" "recycle:excludedir = /temp/tmp" "recycle:maxsize = 0" "recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.TMP *.bak *.BAK *.~pr ~*.*" "recycle:touch = Yes" "recycle:keeptree = Yes" "recycle:repository = .recycle/%U" "recycle:directory_mode = 0750" "recycle:subdir_mode = 0700" msdfs root = no writeable = yes browseable = yes public = no dos filemode = no hide unreadable = no create mode = 0744 directory mode = 0755 force create mode = 00 force directory mode = 00 security mask = 0777 directory security mask = 0777 force security mode = 00 force directory security mode = 00 locking = 1 blocking locks = 1 strict locking = 0 oplocks = 1 level2 oplocks = 1 fake oplocks = 0 csc policy = manual nt acl support = 1 inherit acls = 0 inherit owner = no inherit permissions = no

This is proper? I am just asking as the Items with “Quotes” are new to me inside of smb.conf files.


it’s a bit unusual but if it works it should be ok. Does it work for you?
I just did a quick test with “testparm” to ensure the “key value” pairs stay correctly formatted.

Additionally I filed an enhancement request addressing this case in our Bug Tracker.

Tobias Scherer

I agree, TESTPARM does not show an error for this particular data. I guess I will have to test if the values are being parsed properly, or perhaps ignored.


I missed the obvious solution on this until now. You should be able to add your parameters in the GUI by putting them into the fields under:
Shares: -> [Advanced settings] -> Samba custom settings -> Custom share settings
Here you can provide multiple key = value pairs.

Tobias Scherer

I hadn’t even thought to look there since I saw a location for VFS Objects on the Samba General tab.


I added all of the items shown above. Everything seemed to work aside from one item. Reviewing with testparm, I noticed that one of the pairs did not work right away.
When I added the pair “vfs objects = recycle”, it removed “vfs objects = acl_xattr”
So I changed it to “vfs objects = recycle, acl_xattr”